Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Plum Dandy Adventure

Hi, Remember me? Tam I am. Oh yes, it's been an adventure, a plum dandy adventure. Head spinning. Hold on to your shorts and I'll give you a briefing:
Miss Muffet got married and graduated high school.....IN THAT ORDER. Do you see the rings on her left hand. She's the very proud wife of a U S Air Force Airman First Class. That makes me the proud mother-in-law of an Airman First Class. This pix is from her graduation party, two weeks after elopement. (Not to worry, big TO-DO style wedding next July). She looks quite happy, don't you think? Have I mentioned she moved to Orange, California?
The picture above is my brother Ron, the infamous Shy Jack and his mommy, my sweet sister-in-law Cindy-Lou-Who. Missing from the pix is brother Nick who just wouldn't sit still. This family is having a new home built and I have been trying to visit often and just keep the vibes good while they are bouncing from living space to living space.
Baseball...Summer is about baseball. I don't just mean backyard games like this one. I mean the RedSox versus the Yankees. I mean The RedSox versus the Orioles. I mean the RedSox versus..well, you get it. I love watching professional baseball and was lucky enough to score tickets to Boston for a great game that went 14 innings. I won't bore you with the details, I'll just say the Sox won with a walk off homerun.
What you don't know is that this pix of Jack is really sweet, I simply forgot to rotate the silly thing before posting. Tilt your head to the left (lay your ear on your shoulder) and enjoy a neat shot of Jack preparing to hit the ball. This kid is a cracker jack!! I tell you, you can pitch from forty feet, throw overhand and he slams the ball over your head. AHEM! He's five. The cutie patootie in the back is Nick just behaving himself and clapping each time Jack hits the ball.
Tourism at it's best. You know I work at a big garden center, right? What a blast. Honestly. Fun place. Beautiful flowers. Well, I also work at a great organic restaurant. Tourism is big here in Kennebunkport. To prove it I had a visit from to plum dandy ladies. We painted the Port in good shape!
Recognize these two? Being Creative Every Day is so easy! Right, Sweet pea?
These two thought they needed an Orla Keily bag. (HEY, I hope I got that spelling right). We had fun shopping and traipsing about taking photos.
Leah was so cute next to this old gas pump. That smile, that dress, that friend.
And this is my favorite shot from the entire day. Jes looks beautiful in this shot and her giant smile shows the joy we had that day. Sharing. Sisterhood. Art. *sigh* sniff, sniff.
Green. Summer in Maine. Summer everywhere is green. Meet Lewis. He belongs to my VIP, the Handsome One. Lewis has kind of consumed my weeks lately. Will he be coming over this weekend? Will he behave this weekend? Is he still shedding? Don't forget to take all the food off the kitchen counters. I'm missing a sock. This dog is high maintenance but pure LOVE. My boss adores him. My VIP adores him. I'm trying to adore him.
More green. I love the bands of color in this shot, don't you?
And here it is, me, the VIP and Lewis. Lewis couldn't stand to NOT BE IN THE PHOTO.
Last but not least the gratuitous foot shot. Clever, don't you agree?
For those of you who are saying "OMG, doesn't she do anything creative??" The answer is yes:
  • Shy Jack the book I wrote is almost 50% illustrated. I say that loosely. My teacher, Wade Zahares, will be so proud of me when he sees the effort I put in. Well, I hope so anyway. It's been quite time consuming.
  • I cut out a queen sized quilt and am in the process of piecing it.
  • I sketch a few times a week.
  • I stitched a dress.
  • I put together some found object jewelry.
  • I am helping with wedding plans for Miss Muffet
  • I'm finally cooking at home more.
  • I have a beautiful, full garden that I am now harvesting.
  • I signed up for Heartwoods fall semester, two classes this time.
  • I've been to two art openings and have visited approximately eight galleries in the area with more to go.
  • Does drinking daiquiris at a dockside restaurant count as creative inspiration? I hope so, done that once or twice this summer.

Oh yes, it's been a plum dandy adventure.