Friday, September 21, 2007

Boy, when I step away from the computer....

5 x 7 " on acrylic on canvas...USE AN ALTERNATE ROOT...a play on words, what are you growing with your thoughts? My tree offers: possibilities, suprising gentleness, sensational income, friends, riches, sweet relationship, affectionate dispotion, beautiful love.

I really do step away. I have been busy wrapping things up, going to class, being a Mom, and creating some really neat things.

Heartwood is great. Classes with eighteen year olds and classes with sixty year olds, classes taught by women artists of all ages...this is defintely a new life experience for me. I watched quietly as a young teen in my Color & Design class came down off a drug induced high. I was scared and sad. I pet Pencil the college mascot, a brindle colored greyhound. I eat in the community kitchen, powerwalk during my lunch break, get pizza and beer in the evening before my last class and arrive home to my bed at around 10:45.

  • Art History is suprisingly interesting. I expected boring and dry and much to my suprise I am excited and hungry for more.

  • Color & Design is filled with young chatter box kids who think it's gross to be naked if you are over sixty. They make me laugh and realize who silly I must hav been at that age, too. Beyond that we are doing the repititive black and white value stuff. Basic, basic. See pointalist drawing below (ugh).
  • Jewlery Design has too many students and not enough work stations so it is hurry up and wait time. My eyes burn because by this time it is 8:30 at night and I am working with tiny little things up close to my nose.

Did I mention yet the really good time I had with Jes, Mindy, Leah, Heidi and Susan? Wow!! I feel like I've known these ladies forever. I so enjoyed doing the collaborative pieces, the piece I own is called Oz and everyone here loves it!! I'm a little jealous about the flea marketing session that I couldn't attend. I looked at all the pix online and ooooooh, didn't we look like we were having fun!

Today I'm off to the Artisan's Barn, a sweet little post and beam building in a nearby town that displays and sells local artisan's work. I'm going to see if they'll take my things.

Look for more school art soon... In the meantime I need to catch up on blog reading. toodles!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Off to see the wizard...

It popped into my head so I entered it as a title. I'm off tomorrow to hang with Jes, Leah, Mindy, Heidi and maybe Susan. I think it will be so wonderful! In the meantime great gratitudes to the Beautiful Mystery for the following wonders in my life:
  • my 19 year old son and his new found wings, please join me in blessing his virgin flight into the real world... go danny go.
  • my sweet 17 year olds first month at a new school during her last year of public education...shake on, miss muffet.
  • a dear friend who has become my rock, how lucky for me, heavy for her that she is a counselor and is able to help me through some truly difficult times and still we find for laughing and learning...bless you, rhonda!!
  • R...delicious smelling, handsome, kind & gentle & understanding, and deep voice that makes my tummy flip when I hear it
  • Art...madness ensues and always there is the creative spark to soothe me, calm me, & help me lose myself in "the process", some great pieces have developed.
  • my bed...always i am amazed at the comfort i feel as i fall into the loft of my mattress. i am never too proud to shout "I LOVE BED!" The days are long and the nights are short, so in my house you'd hear this quite a lot.

All is well and all is well, and all in time will be well.


And oh, Heartwood College of Art begins history, color I and jewelry making.