Thursday, August 30, 2007

Threadsketches and Sonny & Cher

Flower Pot Moon: mixed media on watercolor paper. The crescent moon has words from music sheets that serendipitously reads: fadeless flow'rs shed a fragrance rare, one by one down the stream of life.
Pansy & Rose: mixed media on watercolor paper. Some of the collage is from a French play that some student long ago was transcribing and in pencil wrote "bold-spirited". Thanks to my pal Jes who had passed along the effy.

Totally outside of my own self-impopsed box I took a flying leap yesterday and much to my own suprise landed strongly on the ground in an upright position. Crop, Paper, Scissors arrived in the mail on Monday, I gobbled it up on Tuesday and on Wednesday dove into a threadsketch. I am remiss in remembering the author/artists name who did the article, but I remember thinking "hmmmm, i can do that." And am I glad I did.

See, I'm a seamstress, too. I spent ten years operating a sewing & design business. I made wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, curtains, bathing suits, mittens, purses, tea cozies...whatever someone wanted no matter how hideous (or beautiful) it would be. I burned out. I put away my sewing machine. I kissed it goodbye. Then one day recently I heard it whisper: "Miss Tammy, I'm over here." Over six moves last year I always brought the dang thing with me. I stick it in a corner of a spare room and look at it sideways wondering why I've dragged it along. Now I know.

Ten days ago I stitched up a purse in about 2 hours. It went together like Sonny & Cher I tell you. I could feel my heart open as the time flew by and joy filled me. Sewing is a huge part of me. And yesterday as I put the machine to use on these two paintings I wanted to cry. The joy creeped in again and soon I was giddy. My dear friend Rhonda was so patient with my little screams of bliss.

I owe the author/artist of that article a whole world of gratitude as I begin exploring this concept of threadsketching. In the meantime a question to all of you experienced artist bloggers: How the heck to you get your pix so clear. I scan mine directly, edit just a bit and then drop them in but I never get a clear pix or a close up. What can I do to remedy this? Should I be taking pix directly?

Friday, August 24, 2007

And these are a few of my FAY-VOR -ITE things..

Don't you just love that old Christmas song...when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feelin' sad, I simply remember my fay-vor- ite things and then I don't feel sooooooo baaaaad. Ahem** I am a lousy singer but not such a lousy writer and in the mean time...a few of my favorite things.

Round bales of hay. What the heck is it about seeing these big straw marshmallows that takes my breath away, I swear I will never know. I like to see them when they are all greenish-brown, I don't like it so much when they are wrapped in white plastic and become the "catapillar" bales when they are placed end to end along the edge of a field.

WHOOOOO made this painting? I did. Bad photo with lots of personal meaning, not really meant for anything but me.

Some groovy Amy Butler lotus fabric and my handy-dandy sewing tools including Memere Sadie's thimble and 100% silk thread. I stitched up a lovely new handbag to keep my goodies in.
My good buddy Scott the King otherwise known as Scott King. He's a Spanish teacher by day and amazing musician by night. And yeah, that's a piece of my art that hangs on the cafe wall behind Scott.
This is Scott singing a Beatles song. Blackbird Fly and Norweigan Wood are two of my favorite tunes that he does nevermind his own writing that are totally amazing. Look to see him on the national circuit sometime because this man has goals!!
That's all for now. Just thought I'd share the love.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is me for now. a lovely new ring from the Sundance catalog, it was on clearance. It's a beautiful flat freshwater pearl in a hammered sterling setting with a hammered sterling band. So pretty and I have learned how much circles are my symbol.

...been drinking Dunkin Donut's iced coffee like it's going out of style. One a day whether I need it or not. Happen to need one right now! shopping with Miss Muffett went something like this: one for MM, one for me, two for MM, one for me, one lovely pair of danglies for MM, one pair of great fitting jeans for ...ME!!

...finished a great piece of art. Great Horned Owl has made his appearance and asked me to study him. He is the harbinger of change (eegads, do I really need more?) ...he recommends going with the change rather than working against it. Owl goes between our world and spirit world, he sees and hears the things that others can't (a special gift for me to recognize and honor). Any whooo....due to owl being so present I painted him with the very large full moon, acrylics and markers on masonite I am really proud of it but can't get you a pix, it's too big.

... busy successfully manifesting my dreams and am working on another project with a friend. It's a hands on class on releasing blocks and bettering your manifesting. It's great and important work for all of you gals who are tuned in , tapped in and turned on. My friend and I are working to bring power to the Divine Feminine in all of us and you can catch us at a town near you: . We'll be holding a class at Wish Studio in November 2007. Join us won't you?!

...summer madness is almost over. Soon the Maine tourists will be gone and I will have a normal life again

...And oh...I highly recommend FOOLSGOLD by Susan Wooldridge. I went like a madwoman through the book and now am doing all the exercises she suggested. I am learning so much about myself, it's amazing! It's good work to clean out your own soul's closet every now and again.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Summah in Maine

Summer beauty. Aahhhh!


Is that a word?

I've had little time for art, the cafe is hopping busy this summer, we've had no vacancy at the hotel and waitstaff are dropping like flies so I've been on the floor waitressing, too. Just for funsies go here and check the pix of the place. We had a boat parade on Friday, BUT, long story short Mother Nature sent thunder and lightning and we had to clear the lake.

But anyway...I spent Sunday traveling in Mid-Coast Maine with some special people. Popham Beach in Topsham was so packed that the parking area stretched out for one mile along the highway. Thanks, we'll pass.

Forward motion led us to Fort Popham where ALAS there was no parking and some guy driving a little sportscar kept driving in circles trying to find parking. I gave up long before he did and since we didn't want to walk yet another mile to see the beach we said Thanks, we'll pass.

So random sight-seeing it was. We drove past some neat little seaside communities, we smelled the salt air which was amazing and filled me with joy, we ate pathetic little wrap sandwhiches drenched in too much Italian dressing as we sat in an abandoned roadside campsite. We, okay not we, but one of us got stung by a horse fly and we had a damn good time. Damn good I say!

Now it's Monday and I have a lot to do and I wanted to post something so that you wouldn't all be bored. What the heck have you been up to?? Blogging. Swimming. Festivaling. Arting. Antiquing.

And oh, Dearest Susan Tuttle, I found Gloria's and now that I know where it is I am going to make a special trip over there. I'm soooo excited. If nothing else blogging has helped me locate some neat local antique and flea market shops.