Monday, August 6, 2007


Is that a word?

I've had little time for art, the cafe is hopping busy this summer, we've had no vacancy at the hotel and waitstaff are dropping like flies so I've been on the floor waitressing, too. Just for funsies go here and check the pix of the place. We had a boat parade on Friday, BUT, long story short Mother Nature sent thunder and lightning and we had to clear the lake.

But anyway...I spent Sunday traveling in Mid-Coast Maine with some special people. Popham Beach in Topsham was so packed that the parking area stretched out for one mile along the highway. Thanks, we'll pass.

Forward motion led us to Fort Popham where ALAS there was no parking and some guy driving a little sportscar kept driving in circles trying to find parking. I gave up long before he did and since we didn't want to walk yet another mile to see the beach we said Thanks, we'll pass.

So random sight-seeing it was. We drove past some neat little seaside communities, we smelled the salt air which was amazing and filled me with joy, we ate pathetic little wrap sandwhiches drenched in too much Italian dressing as we sat in an abandoned roadside campsite. We, okay not we, but one of us got stung by a horse fly and we had a damn good time. Damn good I say!

Now it's Monday and I have a lot to do and I wanted to post something so that you wouldn't all be bored. What the heck have you been up to?? Blogging. Swimming. Festivaling. Arting. Antiquing.

And oh, Dearest Susan Tuttle, I found Gloria's and now that I know where it is I am going to make a special trip over there. I'm soooo excited. If nothing else blogging has helped me locate some neat local antique and flea market shops.


Melba said... time attract that parking space! I am shocked at how much it has been it has been working for me! I still forget the intending through out the day and get a little off course. I need more quite so I can hear. Oh, how I want to hear and feel and know!

angela said...

hey you :) our 10 year high school reunion was on the day of the parade. so we didn't make it. my sister lives in your area and i will be visiting soon, and then there is september!
glad you are creating and busy with your place. it all sounds full and good :)

daisies said...

:) i have been holidaying on the west coast of canada ~ enjoying the sunshine coast and the island and disconnecting from all things electronic :) was wonderful!!