Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is me for now. a lovely new ring from the Sundance catalog, it was on clearance. It's a beautiful flat freshwater pearl in a hammered sterling setting with a hammered sterling band. So pretty and I have learned how much circles are my symbol.

...been drinking Dunkin Donut's iced coffee like it's going out of style. One a day whether I need it or not. Happen to need one right now! shopping with Miss Muffett went something like this: one for MM, one for me, two for MM, one for me, one lovely pair of danglies for MM, one pair of great fitting jeans for ...ME!!

...finished a great piece of art. Great Horned Owl has made his appearance and asked me to study him. He is the harbinger of change (eegads, do I really need more?) ...he recommends going with the change rather than working against it. Owl goes between our world and spirit world, he sees and hears the things that others can't (a special gift for me to recognize and honor). Any whooo....due to owl being so present I painted him with the very large full moon, acrylics and markers on masonite I am really proud of it but can't get you a pix, it's too big.

... busy successfully manifesting my dreams and am working on another project with a friend. It's a hands on class on releasing blocks and bettering your manifesting. It's great and important work for all of you gals who are tuned in , tapped in and turned on. My friend and I are working to bring power to the Divine Feminine in all of us and you can catch us at a town near you: . We'll be holding a class at Wish Studio in November 2007. Join us won't you?!

...summer madness is almost over. Soon the Maine tourists will be gone and I will have a normal life again

...And oh...I highly recommend FOOLSGOLD by Susan Wooldridge. I went like a madwoman through the book and now am doing all the exercises she suggested. I am learning so much about myself, it's amazing! It's good work to clean out your own soul's closet every now and again.


Jen said...

love circles, too.
last sunday, a man drove past a group of us talking at the curb outside my parents house...and stopped, rolled down the window, and told us about an owl he saw around the corner....earlier that day I read a book to my daughter called Owl Moon...
would have loved to see your painting!

your work with your friend sounds great... will you be out to Arizona?: )

Will be checking out your book recommendation;-)

take care

Jes said...'ve got my attention!

Tori said...

Hi Tammi-
I really enjoyed looking at the Sundance catalog link.
Hope all is well.
I would love to catch up in the fall.

daisies said...

you sound a whirl of beautiful busy and gorgeousness .. xox

Melba said...

The class sounds wonderful. I am really going to try to go. any idea on dates yet?

Wishing you well!