Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sweet Innocence

I took a very special handsome friend to the Artwalk in nearby Gardiner on Friday night. We had a lovely time strolling the sidewalks and popping in to various shoppes for a look-see. At one location we struck up conversation with a photographer.

I had stepped away to look at something on the opposite side of the room and headed to the door where my special someone caught up to me and escorted me downstreet.

R to me: What kind of medium do you use?

Me to R: Many, I do mixed media things mostly! Why?

R to me: AAH, oh. (sounding kind of sheepish)

Me to R: What just happened?

R to me: Well I had to tell the photographer you were an artist and then she asked me what kind of medium you used.

Me to R: So what did you tell her?

R to me: I answered yes and walked out.

Well my friends, he tried! And I only snickered for ten minutes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holding My Own Hand

...the last time she was spotted she was seen walking down Lover's Lane holding her own hand.

Ain't loving yourself grand??? The above quote is altered just a tad. It was originally said with "HE" but I'm a "SHE" so I took artistic license. Anyway, a dear friend suggested that I respectfully command & demand what I needed to make myself more comfortable in my new job. Well with a lump in my throat and wobbly knees (because this takes practice) I did what she suggested. So things are getting better at work...and I loved myeself for doing what I needed.

**Art wise I was approached by a dealer to show her some of my things.

**I have been meeting some really intriguing people and in turn asking myself what these people have to do with my future

**Color and Design class is still all about values, tints, shades and neutrals. EE gads! I 'm ready for the more heady stuff but have been keenly interested in attending because of the interesting 19 year olds who create lively conversation with me and help me to learn more about my own two teens.

**Jewelry class is done for now. I made a ring, bracelet and two pendants but I didn't love the class so will move on to another medium.

**Bought a new Chevy Aveo. Tiny little box on wheels, it's bright yellow and gets 37 mpg which I need because my school is 100 miles one way.

Thinking of you my bloggy friends and am anxious to be on track again.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Gone for a bit...

Okay, it's like this... We have closed the cafe and put it on the market and now I am working like a dog at a bigger restaurant, still doing the art school thing, running the hotel and trying hard to maintain a relationship with two teens who are running about. That and the new classes I'm teaching are keeping me kind of busy. Oh, and I have to move in three weeks so I started packing yesterday.

My router broke so I have no e-mail and I swung into my Dad's place to borrow his computer so that I could at least post a quickie on my blog.

Sorry this isn't more positive but for now it's all I have. I am manifesting a better life and this little bump in the road can't keep this old dog down. Gotta run, you won't hear from me for a bit, but I'll be back eventually.