Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sweet Innocence

I took a very special handsome friend to the Artwalk in nearby Gardiner on Friday night. We had a lovely time strolling the sidewalks and popping in to various shoppes for a look-see. At one location we struck up conversation with a photographer.

I had stepped away to look at something on the opposite side of the room and headed to the door where my special someone caught up to me and escorted me downstreet.

R to me: What kind of medium do you use?

Me to R: Many, I do mixed media things mostly! Why?

R to me: AAH, oh. (sounding kind of sheepish)

Me to R: What just happened?

R to me: Well I had to tell the photographer you were an artist and then she asked me what kind of medium you used.

Me to R: So what did you tell her?

R to me: I answered yes and walked out.

Well my friends, he tried! And I only snickered for ten minutes.


Jes said...


I LOVE it!!

Glad you came by!!!!!


daisies said...

tee hee .. too cute :)

pink sky said...

what a cutie!

Brambleberry said...

Thanks for the giggle!! Silly goose.

Druinda & Lady E. said...

He is just so on to your true identity, are you??? Hmmmm Medium of what??? I love it sweetie, the ways we are handed information is simply fabulous. Tell R. he knows more than he realizes. :)