Sunday, November 4, 2007

Art Every Day contributions...

What follows is my entries for Art Every Day Month as suggested by dear Leah. I apologize that they are not full blown attempts at canvases or magnificent pieces of jewelry. I am happy if I get in a sketch or manage to complete my art homework as you will see by my images below.

Day One: I decided a while ago to design my own tarot deck with personal symbology and images. This is the first card and how synchronistic that I started it on day one of AEDM. The card is The Fool, number 1 in the traditional tarot deck. I have begun the first layer of color. You will watch as this watercolor image grows to be a many layered piece.

Day Two and Day Three:

Vespa sketches. Yes, when I should be washing down tables at my waitressing job I spend my time sketching the Vespas that hang from the walls. My boss collects them and I find them fascinating, so I sketch them on the back of scrap paper. I plan to do some art based on these sketches.

Day Four:

Complimentary Colors homework assignment. This is not my best work but it was a neccessary to prove my knowledge of blending colors. I finished this today and it took forever and I don't love it, but I need the grade!!

This is it for now ladies. I'm moved into my new crib and I have a HUGE studio space until the end of April at which time I become mobile again. Two more classes for this semester.

I'm ever transient for now.


Druinda & Lady E. said...

To my transient friend, who I absolutely LOVE sharing studio space and time with, your work is fantabulous! You suprise me around every corner, who would have thought to post the unfinished and then have all of us watch it blossom....hmmm...oh, that would be you! What an inspiration and blessing you are my dear friend. Love & Joy, Druinda

sukipoet said...

I have enjoyed looking at your AED posts. I think posting process on a piece is wonderful, something I do myself on my blog at times. Not everything gets completed in one fell swoop. My things almost always take place over a series of days. Be well.

Krissie said...

Took a walk thru your blog thanks to link on art every day....I really enjoyed browsing!!

pink sky said...

great contributions. can't wait to see the vespas turn up again! sounds like you have lots going on. need to catch up, before march i hope ;)

sukipoet said...

Hi Tammi thanks for your comments on my blog. I haven't had but one poem published although i have had two books of prose published, but would be happy to answer or try to answer your questions. Was in a poetry group for many years.