Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Saved the Best for Last...scroll down.

You may remember that I started this Tarot card last week. I poked at it a few times over the last few days. I added some watercolor pencils strokes that need to be played with using my brushes. This one, as I mentioned before, is a work in progress.
Day 8

More Vespa sketches from the restaurant, on the days I work this is all I can muster.
Day 9

Now remember the Red Shoe entry I did? I started going wild with shoe sketches so these next three have a theme going. How about these bunny slippers? There seems to be a shadow on the scan, but you get the gist of it.
Day 10

More slippers. More bunnies. How many of us tired mothers put on a pair of pink fluffy slippers when we get home and our feet are aching? I don't usually bother to remove my socks, I leave them on, stripes and all.
I kind of wish I hadn't gotten so bold with my charcoal, but what's done is done.
Day 11
Blue, blue, blue suede shoes. Can't you hear the King sing? This one was really fun to make and in person it's a great piece. The scanner isn't doing it justice.
Day 12
Save the best for last, right? Yesterday the art school went on a group field trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Amtrak and then the Green Line subway got us there. We had a super time taking in the work of the Masters and some amazing modern day artists including a huge wall mural by actor Dennis Hopper.
Many times I caught myself with mouth agape. Being in the presence of these important pieces of work left me kind of numb.
One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt because of the emotions that I feel when see his work. I literally get all wrapped up in his this painting looking at the loving embrace and the peace in her face as he lovingly puts his lips to her cheek. Oh *sigh*'s so beautiful.
So this painting is NOT in Boston, it is Vienna, but the museum store sells a silk scarf with this painting on it and in the store the scarf is framed. I kept going back to it and going back to it and going back to it. Subconsciously, that which we find ourselves attracted to is usually our soul speaking to us. "Pay attention, Tammy, what is the message here?" And I know the answer to my reaction of this painting but won't reveal it here.
I came home and googled some more of Klimt's work. I now have a goal to buy a reproduction of this and other Klimt works. His style is something that truly resonates with me. I need to read more of his history.
I printed a pix of his The Kiss work and laid it in front of me and got busy.
This is my version of the kiss. I thought I'd challenge myself. This work is... 1" x 1 1/2" ....yes, for you who are bad with inch by one and one half inches... I did it on a scrapbookers chipboard piece. Gesso, acrylic, colored pencil and marker. Looking at it in this size isn't so great, but when it's so tiny in real life, it's a great take off! It took me about three hours start to finish and I'm certain his original painting took him three months to finish, but I am happy with my result.
Today Klimt, tomorrow.....Renoir?


Leah said...

i'm amazed that you painted that kiss so tiny! i had to re-read those numbers a few times! it's beautiful!!! what wonderful work you are doing tammy!!

Wyanne said...'ve been busy! I love the slipper/shoe series. So cute! The Kiss is amazing...I could never do anything that small. Good job!

angela said...

what a beautiful little piece Tammy! Klimt is one of my faves also, all so breathtaking .... :)

Catherine said...

Hi Tammi! I like all the art you are doing, just like you said you would. Especially the shoes and I love your choice of colors! Did you like working with FIMO? I hope you are doing everything you wanted. Of course there is plenty of time, but it is fun to be on a roll.

Thanks for your comment about my silver beads!

Catherine - HappyDayArt!

Tori said...

I love the blissfulness of your art. The shoes are fabulous. I would love to get my hands on the bunny slipper art!

Susan Tuttle said...

Very nice work!--you have been a busy bee.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!