Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sweet Jill Badonsky on Valentine's Day

How blessed I am to be on Jill Badonsky's Blog Tour. This author/illustrator/creative gure is one of my idols. I am so thrilled to take part!Since it is a Valentine's Day interview I am going with love themed questions:

What do you LOVE about the work you do?
I am deeply in love with the creative process, in using it to express the quirky and surprising things are delivered to me by my Muse and in discovering more and more about it. To be able to share those discoveries with others in a fun, inspiring, and practical way is just an amazing blessing. I feel like I'm using my talents to inspire others.

2. What time of the day/week/year to you LOVE and find the most inspiring?
Any moment the Muse nudges me is a good time of the day: early morning brings the promise of another sacred beginning, late mornings hikes are grand (since I work for myself, that's when I have my staff-meetings with me and me and me), mid-afternoon naptime is sublime, late night mischief is splendid, and I can't say enough about feeling exhausted in a good way when it's time for the head to hit the pillow.

My favorite day is Friday because I begin to embrace the creative possibility of the weekend.
I like Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter, but mostly the first four. There's something to love about all of them.

What do you LOVE about your office or studio?
I love how convenient it is to reach anyone in the world while sitting on my futon with my kitties, my comforter and my computer. I love the art on my walls. I love my red kitchen. I love having handy pens and watercolor paints.

4. You seem to LOVE empowering personal growth. Please offer your best piece of advice for budding artists/entrepeneurs.

Lower your expectations at the beginning, ask yourself small questions whenever you can, take one small step and trust that the way will be made clear but above all, make it fun.

5. It's Valentine's Day a holiday that is commonly associated with candy. Describe which candy (chocolate or otherwise) you are most like and why.
I like papaya.. I'm currently into whole, delicious, fruit and once the sugar addiction subsided.. there is no candy that compares to fruit.

**Due to technical difficulties (are you listening Blogger?) I am unable to add the page from the Awe-manac today. I will post it on Monday, February 16 (assuming all is well with Blogger.) sorry Jill.

Thank you to Ms. Badonsky for the opportunity to visit with you. Let's do it again real soon.

To my readers~ enJOY this creative thinker.