Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fluffy Stuff-just for funsies!

For you my bloggy friends. Isn't this hand and paintbrush image so cool? I was about to use it this morning when I thought of you. Maybe she'd like one of these, says I. I answered myself, Yes, she would. So have at it. Use this wherever your lil' heart desires. Click. Copy. Paste. Glue. Glitter.

Think of me when this you see. He he he.

This is the front of my 2008 datebook. No more expensive datebooks for me. I took a freebie at the bank, covered its logo with my stickers, added pretty scrapbooking tabs to divide it to my liking and VOILA (btw~that's French for voila)....my 2008 life in a book.

The next pix is the back of the book, a gentle reminder: Life Life. If Kelly Rae can put her life schedule on big yellow posterboard then so can I!! If Mindy and Leah can design their own journal/datebook/lifebinder then so can I!!

I'm feeling kind of silly today. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and man-oh-man it is amazing!! When life clicks, the cogs match up, the steam starts pouring out and life takes a sharp right turn that sets you off in a new direction suddenly the air seems fresher, the colors seem brighter and oddly enough even my coffee tastes better (impossible!)

Blogging is good.

Group hug now.


I'm off to school.


Tori said...

Your post just gave me my next breath and inspired me to make my own date book. One foot in front of the other. Hope school is going well.

Brambleberry said...

Such happiness!! I love it! Glad you're enjoying a new view...and I'm loving the jazzed planner!

Jes said...

ummm...I am embarassingly behind on reading your blog dear-friend!! I've been visiting everyone, and, WOW...it's been too long with EVERYONE! I can't stand not having enough time in a day! How to get through it all??

I LOVE the pink kitchen accessories!!!!! SO cute!

We've got to get back on our plan! I've been throwing hints to the girls at their blogs in their comments!!

Wyanne said...

Thanks for the fun image and thinking of me! :) Love everything you are doing. Big hug!

Melba said...

What amazing energy you have. I want to jump up and Shout YES!!!

happiness is contangious!


pink sky said...

just perfect! we really should chat to catch up. i know we've both been going through some pretty big changes, and i know the picture is a little vague for both of us. just know if you want to actually talk, i am here :) xo sweets

HappyDayArt! said...

You ARE funny/Were on the 27th. and it is cute.

Thanks for your comment about my beads and wasn't 'Memoirs of a Geisha' a good movie? I love all those kimono patterns.

I wonder what Klimt would have thought about 1x1 1/2 inches...

Happy Holiday Season to you Tammi,

Catherine Witherell

daisies said...

so wonderful : ) i want to make myself a life binder/calender ... you are so inspiring! xox

Susan Tuttle said...

I love the datebook!--super idea!!

I also like your new profile pic!


pink sky said...

hey tammylove...sent you an email that keeps bouncing back to me. will you send me a quick not (with you snail mail addy for the swap). can't wait to catch up! wishstudio(at)comcast(dot)net