Monday, October 1, 2007

Gone for a bit...

Okay, it's like this... We have closed the cafe and put it on the market and now I am working like a dog at a bigger restaurant, still doing the art school thing, running the hotel and trying hard to maintain a relationship with two teens who are running about. That and the new classes I'm teaching are keeping me kind of busy. Oh, and I have to move in three weeks so I started packing yesterday.

My router broke so I have no e-mail and I swung into my Dad's place to borrow his computer so that I could at least post a quickie on my blog.

Sorry this isn't more positive but for now it's all I have. I am manifesting a better life and this little bump in the road can't keep this old dog down. Gotta run, you won't hear from me for a bit, but I'll be back eventually.


Melba said...

You can do it!
sending you Love!

Brambleberry said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Exciting. Scary. Exhilarating. Liberating. It's amazing how one little tip of the plate can shift so many things. I hope this transition brings you much happiness!

God Bless!!


daisies said...

wow honey ... i don't know when you'll see this but am thinking about you and sending you love!! there will be light at the end of it all i am sure, beautiful beautiful light ... xoxox

Jes said...

NO WONDER I haven't heard from you!!!

Keep on keeping on girfriend!