Friday, August 24, 2007

And these are a few of my FAY-VOR -ITE things..

Don't you just love that old Christmas song...when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feelin' sad, I simply remember my fay-vor- ite things and then I don't feel sooooooo baaaaad. Ahem** I am a lousy singer but not such a lousy writer and in the mean time...a few of my favorite things.

Round bales of hay. What the heck is it about seeing these big straw marshmallows that takes my breath away, I swear I will never know. I like to see them when they are all greenish-brown, I don't like it so much when they are wrapped in white plastic and become the "catapillar" bales when they are placed end to end along the edge of a field.

WHOOOOO made this painting? I did. Bad photo with lots of personal meaning, not really meant for anything but me.

Some groovy Amy Butler lotus fabric and my handy-dandy sewing tools including Memere Sadie's thimble and 100% silk thread. I stitched up a lovely new handbag to keep my goodies in.
My good buddy Scott the King otherwise known as Scott King. He's a Spanish teacher by day and amazing musician by night. And yeah, that's a piece of my art that hangs on the cafe wall behind Scott.
This is Scott singing a Beatles song. Blackbird Fly and Norweigan Wood are two of my favorite tunes that he does nevermind his own writing that are totally amazing. Look to see him on the national circuit sometime because this man has goals!!
That's all for now. Just thought I'd share the love.


Leah said...

yay!! i love the art here, tammy dear!!

Tori said...

I LOVE those 2 songs too.
I hope al is well.
I just bought a shirt with owls on it...your painting is perfect!

susan said...

pretty painting tammy!

daisies said...

you have yourself some amazing beautiful favourite things :)

Susan Tuttle said...

I enjoyed reading about your favorite things!

I know who Kat is...she is good friends with a Maine artist friend of mine named Sandi Ste. George. I met Kat at a Christmas party once--she has a wonderful voice. Small world!


Jen said...

those 2 songs are 2 of my favorite Beatles is one of my favorites of any...wish I could hear it now...may have to youtube...
and feeling sad lately, remembering my fav-vor-ite things a good idea, that before seeing here on your blog, I would not have thought of...duh.:OP
I see you are busy with art...way to go!