Monday, July 30, 2007

Art Again at Last! The Cello

Here she is....The Cello. Not a great photo, sorry. The spot of light to the right of the image is not there on the real piece. In real life, she's a beauty, I'm proud of her. This is a 18 x 24 piece of masonite done in mixed media.

The background is acrylic paint mixed with Golden's fine sand additive. That was interesting to work with, for sure! The navy blue/gray ground is overlayed with metallic gold and red circles. Under her pale acrylic skin is a cello collaged with sheet music. The neck of the instrument goes all the way into her face while the body of the instrument melds with her own full hips and breasts. Inspiration for this art sat with me for many months. The motivation for was from a poem I read somewhere a year or so ago that opened with the line:

"The cello sounds low and deep from the room with no key,
your fingers pressing deep and I want you to play me"

I loved the poem and that line stuck in my head, nagging me. I will do my best to find the original poem for you my bloggy friends.

It is my intention to do a series of musical-she paintings. I love nudes. I revel at the sight of Renaissance period full-bodied nude portraiture. I hope to develop my skills in that area but finding willing models is not easy. I see a guitar, a saxophone, and more all entwined with SHE-SHE-SHE. Music moves me (and most of you, too) at all levels and I'm really not partial to any particular genre so this is good. I have a wide forum to work in and with. I am excited about it. Guitars really tickle my fancy and I want to work with them in depth. Anyone want to be a model?

And oh, I wrote a poem yesterday (highly unusual for me as I generally shy away from poetry), but I will present it for you later this week.


Leah said...

she's gorgeous, tammy dear!! beautiful! i love the reddish circles against the blue background.

Tori said...

Lovely Art. I have always felt that the cello was the most beautiful instrument because of how it imitates the female body.

daisies said...

gosh she is so incredibly beautiful ... and you are such a talented wonder :)