Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm reading and writing and working and doing the art thing. Life is good and full right now. I'm blessed beyond words to feel so inspired. Hmmm, inspired...good word...inspiration is Divine's way of speaking to us. When we are inspired things fall into place, everything is right where it should be and all the right things happen, you just know it is 'meant to be'.

For me right now this means the right book that makes perfect sense, the conversation that happened at exactly the right time, the piece of mail with the right message. On and on I see the beauty of what the Universe is offering me, if only I accept and say Yes.

This past week I said yes to a book. Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len speaks to me at all levels. Accepting total responsibility for EVERYTHING that appears in my life and then working to heal it makes my heart feel better. I want to heal. I want to be a leader and a teacher of healing. In order to do this I must set the example. Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiin method of healing that brings our souls back to a clean slate. It is a simple method and is deeply profound. I remain moved to tears at the depth of this learning.

This past week I said yes to healing. Divorce has left me weary. Myself, (ex)husband and children are hurting, but finally I see a light at the end of the tunnel. A shift has occurred in all of us and I can see that better days are ahead.

This past week I said yes to my future. I registered for my first three classes at college. I signed up for an all day conference on a subject that interests me. I have begun to look at moving to a new area of Maine.

The past week I said yes to me because if I don't love me then how can I expect you to love me?

ARTSY NOTE: I'm working on some fun stuff...two great little mixed media canvases and the darn necklaces are just about done.


Leah said...

"The past week I said yes to me because if I don't love me then how can I expect you to love me?"

yes! i've found this to be true for me also. xoxo

Tori said...

What a positive, strong, uplifting post. You have an amazing character and are a strong person.
You go girl!

daisies said...

a resounding yes sang through my heart as i read this ... : )

sending you love

Brambleberry said...

What a beautiful place to be. Keep on growing!!!

Melba said...


I am proud of you!

I am interested in that book. I will have to look into it.

Sending love your way!