Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And they laughed...

Okay, so I am not into Flickr yet. I don't own a decent camera. There I went...off to the Wish Studio event with a pathetic disposable thingy. Jes laughed shamelessly and told me to put it away, but not before I managed to get in a few shots...
I offer the following:

This is Leah, Melanie, Me and Jes outside the Red Brick building that Mindy has the Wish Studio space in. I think the brick arch is great! Thank you to the young gentleman wearing black who took our photo using my disposable camera!

Would you really let these two be alone in TJ Maxx?

BELOW: the one and only Miss Muffett goes to Prom...HEY, doesn't that sound like a Muppet movie title? And by the way that is the view I get at work every day from the cafe.

She's SOOOOOO purty! A Grecian Goddess.

Since I don't know how to move these pictures around you will have to bear with this. The photo below is of the mantel at my rental house. It holds three pieces of art I did recently. I posted it to prove to you that I really actually do work in my makeshift studio.

The picture below this one is of Miss Muffet and her Blue Weimeraner, Otto. Isn't he gorgeous. I meant SHE, isn't she gorgeous. NO, WAIT! I mean THEM. "THEM" ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Oh, that was fun...sharing. *sigh* I will be out for a bit and won't be posting till next week sometime unless I turn agressive and do the meme I was tagged for by Leah. I may do that on Friday, we'll see. Till then my friends, stay tuned in , tapped in, turned on. And...

... listen to the breeze at dawn, it has secrets to tell, do NOT go back to sleep.


Leah said...

aww, your daughter is gorgeous!!

one of my friends calls her lil baby, Miss Muffett. I'd never heard anyone call someone that, but it's so cute!

Girl, your paintings are beautiful! I'm especially loving the roses. Really amazing work, my dear.

Tammigirl said...

"...Lil Miss Muffett sat on her tuffet,
Eating her curly waves..." My poor daughter could never get her words right. I have a multitude of words and saying she has destroyed over her baby years. Anyway, this is how she got the nickname Miss Muffett.

daisies said...

your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and i can totally see where she gets her good looks from ~ beautiful you :)

your paintings are gorgeous and you totally need to get flickr'ing ;-)

have a wonderful week!!

Tori said...

Love the photos!!!
Otto is a cutie and Miss Muffett is a gem for you.

Are we still on for the 9th?

Jen said...

hey there...it's nice to see your pictures...with some familiar names
lovely of your daughter and the roses are bold and beautiful

Brambleberry said...

You and your little Miss are beautiful! She looks breathtaking in her dress. So baby girls really do grow up, huh? *sniffle*

Love the view! Am insanely jealous that you are able to gaze out your work windows and see such loveliness. What a treat!

Am also loving the three pieces on the mantel. Thank you for the inspiration!!

kelly rae said...

you all are so gorgeous!!! and you have the sweetest eyes!!!

Jes said...

OH my! NO, don't leave us alone at TJ's...especially since I seemed to think that hideous shirt would look good on me!!! GROSS! (I still put it on, and think, what was I thinking??) (apparently I was trying to be all artsy and cool) hehehehe....

Now, on to that gorgeous daughter of yours! WOW! Nobody locked her up with a guard at the door all of these years? SERIOUSLY, she's BEEEEUTIFUL just like her Mom!