Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Goodness Prevailed

I would no more quarrel with a man because of his religion than I would because of his art.
~Mary Baker Eddy

Ahhh, the Wish Studio. It was fun.

Jes and I clicked right away, we are remarkably similar. Together we laughed and learned, ooohed and aahhhhed, tsk-tsked and cluck-clucked our way through Friday and Saturday. Goodness prevailed.

Alas, I have no photos to proove the party, but believe me, it was one. New friends, good food and bad table service, some mightily warm weather, high heels, parking issues and room WITHOUT a lake, and a dress that was a puzzle. All of this left me feeling inspired to create more. More what? More anything!

Before leaving the big city Jes and I hit the Art Supply Wholesale store in Beverly and unloaded our wallets whilst loading up the Xterra. Bonanaza!! With two arms loaded down with fresh supplies we traveled to our respective homes and I hit the studio when I should have hit the bed pillow. (I'm still a tad foggy from lack of sleep). Regardless of my thick-headedness I have been working trial-and-error style on some jewelry and so far I like the outcome. I will be posting results soon. I've set up the new easel I purchased and my head is spinning with painting ideas so I Wednesday will be painting day this week.

Many thanks to the lovely people I met on Friday, in particular Kelly, Angela, Mindy, Melanie, and Leah. You are some good stuff! Please keep in touch.


Leah said...

yay! it was such a joy to meet you, tammi! i can't wait to see all the creations you come up with . xoxoxo

Tori said...

I am so glad that you had a great time. I can't wait to check out all your new creations. I am glad that you found inspiration.
I hope all is well.

wish studio said...

can't say how much i apprecite you making the trip to see me! makes me feel all kinds of special. i can not wait to see what creations you have to unveil! such an inspiring weekend indeed :) hope to see you this summer up that way! thinking of you making beautiful art and fresh pancakes ;) xo, mindy

Melba said...

I should be in bed now, but I was thinking of you and wanted to say Hi!
I have been working today on some computer technical stuff; not so easy for me.

I am excited to see your creations!

Jes said...

ahhhh....good times my new friend....

I had a great time, and I loved meeting everyone last weekend!!!!

Can't wait to see photos of the jewlery! I'm glad you've been creating all week you lucky girl! I've been too busy, but starting Friday I'll have 4 days to play!

Can't wait to hook up again!

daisies said...

how fun :) glad you had such a wonderful time!!