Friday, September 7, 2007

Off to see the wizard...

It popped into my head so I entered it as a title. I'm off tomorrow to hang with Jes, Leah, Mindy, Heidi and maybe Susan. I think it will be so wonderful! In the meantime great gratitudes to the Beautiful Mystery for the following wonders in my life:
  • my 19 year old son and his new found wings, please join me in blessing his virgin flight into the real world... go danny go.
  • my sweet 17 year olds first month at a new school during her last year of public education...shake on, miss muffet.
  • a dear friend who has become my rock, how lucky for me, heavy for her that she is a counselor and is able to help me through some truly difficult times and still we find for laughing and learning...bless you, rhonda!!
  • R...delicious smelling, handsome, kind & gentle & understanding, and deep voice that makes my tummy flip when I hear it
  • Art...madness ensues and always there is the creative spark to soothe me, calm me, & help me lose myself in "the process", some great pieces have developed.
  • my bed...always i am amazed at the comfort i feel as i fall into the loft of my mattress. i am never too proud to shout "I LOVE BED!" The days are long and the nights are short, so in my house you'd hear this quite a lot.

All is well and all is well, and all in time will be well.


And oh, Heartwood College of Art begins history, color I and jewelry making.


Druinda & Lady E. said...

You are such a JOY in my life and I thank you for allowing me to be your rock! You go Tammigirl! I love all that you do and all that you are! Muah!!! Love, Rhonda

Leah said...

good day, sunshine. it was so wonderful to see your beautiful face on saturday. i hope that you are feeling rejuvenated after sleeping in a bit yesterday! i'm wishing you loads of fun and wonderful new experiences in your first day of classes. have a blast, my dear!

Jes said...

wonderful blessings!

How was class yesterday??? I'm dying to know!

angela said...

wow, heartwood, is that a ways to drive? am i thinking of the right place?

Tori said...

I cant' wait to hear all about your first weeks of classes. Thinking of you and please let me know if you ever want to try to connect when you are heading to school or back!