Saturday, February 23, 2008

Line Drawing in Progress

But first, the snow.
More on the way. Okay, so enough about that.

This Chuck Close love I have right now forced me to grid some 130 lb watercolor paper the other day. I let it sit, now quite sure what to do with it but knowing somehow I needed to make these grids work. I finally was inspired by Buddah's soft face and I got busy.

In this you can see the Chuck Close book and the start of my line drawing. This should be interesting.So here I go working out the nose shadows.Here I put a little distance between myself and the piece so I could see how it was coming from afar. Sometimes it's easy to forget to step back. We all get so involved in the piece it's easy to get lost in the work.

Okay, I'm gaining. No cramps in the hands, just a few hunger pangs to deal with. No lunch for me until this is over.

Did I say no lunch? Who am I fooling besides myself? I noshed on tuna sandwiches with Dan while he played some tunes. Think to yourself: Nellie, Tim McGraw, Eminem, Puff Daddy, Brooks and Dunn....I'm singing along, I'm bouncing along, I'm swearing along. It's all in good fun, just Dan's style, not mine. Back to business...

Voila. One finished piece. I gridded and then used fine point Zig marker to draw diagonal lines in each of the boxes. Interesting result. It looks really good from a distance. I'm not so thrilled about how it's represented here. I see it matted in red and framed in a thin black metal frame. This will sit well near my altar. I am contemplating doing one of these of the face of Jesus, too.


Leah said...

*love* this line drawing!

HappyDayArt! said...

This is very cool!

Hey Tammi, please email me your home address so I can send you some of my artstamps that you so graciously left comments about over at art pub. I haven't heard from you and wanted to make sure you get them. I can get your email from my happpydayart! site, top left side under my photo.


Shayla said...

I like the technique you used. Very unusual- which of course- is great! This is a wonderful piece.

Wyanne said...

Wow...what patience you have, my dear. Must be all that breathing you are doing! Enjoyed catching up on your blog today. He is fantastic, and I'm so happy to read about how great you are doing. Keep it up. Love, Wyanne

AscenderRisesAbove said...

that is very cool. i liked seeing the process of that