Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Country Mouse Goes to the City

OMG! This has been such an odd spring. I moved friends. Here I am in Kennebunkport, Maine. Country mouse goes to the city. It's odd and surreal. On a brief note:

  • I went without Internet service for nearly four weeks so have been VERY out of touch with blogging and emails. My apologies

  • I am still attending Heartwood and the last class was today.

  • I have been sewing and painting and drawing quite a lot. There is inspiration APLENTY.

  • I've been to the flea market already. Got some GREAT sterling silver earrings that are absolutely hilarious.

  • I have a roommate who is adorable and young, like a daughter to me except I can't send her to room if she misbehaves

  • I started some lovely tomatoes and basil seedlings that are thriving

  • I'm painting the living room tangerine color

  • And this has kept me busy.

I'm coming back to life, slowly but surely. It has been a rough ride and of all things my mother-in-law that I adored suffered a heart attack and passed. My heart is aching.

I promise to post art and pix soon and I promise to come back to my laughing silly self. Hang in there with me, will you?


daisies said...

congratulations on the move and the mother of the bride!! :)

sorry to hear about your loss, hugs!!

Tori said...

Congratulations on the move! Are you right in the village of Kennebunkport or walking distance??
I love Allison's for breakfast.
The wedding planning sounds fun. I hope that we get to meet up this summer!

Susan Tuttle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.

I enjoyed reading your list of things you have been up to - Spring is bringing us back to life here in Maine.


Melba said...

Good to hear about your life!
I bet you will love the city!

So fun to hear about the wedding plans.

Take care of you!
PS I know you know your MIL is with you you always, still I know it makes the heart ache.

pink sky said...

must see hilarious earrings!

Michelle said...

Welcome back! And congrats on teh move.