Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mixed Media Blessings

The old inspiration board is pouring over with ideas. It's colorful, bright and bold. My paper palette is revealing interesting images, too.

Recent pieces include the tree you see here, the tree you see below. These are among mermaids, sketches of my feet, my coffee cup, my roommate sleeping random palette knife backgrounds and bold marker sketches abound. Go with the flow, right?

Wedding plans are near complete even though the date is July of 2009. Old Miss Muffet is on her way home from California tomorrow. I am near tears with delight. My darlin' boy is working hard and enjoying the benefits of his own apartment. The Handsome One is, well, still handsome. (*sigh*)

This beautiful coastal town still amazes and delights me. It takes my breath away and fills me to the gills with joy.

Chat soon. Got a new book to read. A day late and a dollar short I just got: Acrylic Revolution.

1 comment:

daisies said...

love your recent tree images ... really beautiful! glad you are enjoying your summer, xo