Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Manifestastical...the magic of manifestation

The possibility of each new day is felt in the morning sunrise.

Isn't it just magical when you realize you called something in to your reality?

You thought of it and it appeared. You let go of the end result and magic happened. Pure intention innocently crafted is readily brought into our material world if only we let go of the result.

It wasn't long ago that I arrived at my waitressing job and said to myself it would be nice to make at least one hundred dollars tonight. Of course, looking around the restaurant I couldn't see that it would happen, or at least it didn't look hopeful.

I quickly remembered that I am Pure Potential. I remembered that between Point A and Point B there is this thing called POSSIBILITY. I didn't know HOW it would happen I only needed to know there was a possibility it could happen.

Then and there I reminded myself that anything was possible and I went about my work.

How delightful that three hours later as I counted the wad of bills in my apron I was way ahead of my goal of $100. POSSIBILITY. I gave thanks to my own self for remembering that manifestation requires the letting go and the faith of POSSIBILITY.

Remembering that manifestation requires the letting go and the faith of POSSIBILITY is key.

Try this yourself and see. Yee ha!

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Stacey said...

You go girl. I need more friends like you around me! Just reading that story inspired me to have a better outlook on everything.
Thanks! :)