Monday, January 21, 2008

Creative Every Day 2008

Here I am with another brief CED 08 entry. Last week we made stab binding books. Now these really appeal to the seamstress in me because you need to use a needle and thread to put the whole thing together. How about this lovelly batik polka dot fabric. And see the stitching at the top?! I added my own turquoise beads and a pop of red to tie it together. Here's the guts of the book. The proper term is the "signature" or text block. I call it guts.
A lovely and colorful close up.
Here's the other book I did last week. It's called a stitch binding. In this one you use ribbons and stitch around them and into the book signatures. Pure fun. I love this vintage looking fabric. I've had it for fifteen years or so. I keep scrapping it into smaller pieces so I can have it all over my house. I started a quilt those fifteen years ago that is STILL in process.

This is the inside of that small stitch book. I think I will handwrite some recipes into this pretty little thing.

Other creative endeavors from the week include:

  • Wrote a short story to be posted soon

  • Drew sketches for my final project in Book Arts

  • Completed a canvas for a local art show

  • Made a home display of this

  • Did sketches in my sketchbook of patterns and played with design ideas

  • Garnered some inspiration from Country Living magazine

  • Wrote a children's story for illustration class

  • Baked delicious banana bread

  • Stirred up a hot batch of Red Soup

Wow! I sometimes do better than I realize. One thing I have really enjoyed about this whole CED is journaling my creative endeavors. I am keeping a book right near my alarm clock and before bed I made a gratitude entry and a creatactivity (did I use that right, Leah?). As I look back on my days I realize I have truly done alright!

In other life issues I am on the prowl for new & permanent digs. I am searching the mid-coast and southern coastal Maine area for my new home-sweet-home. This is big news for the girl who needs roots. Wish me luck and better yet, send a prayer my way as I listen to the wind for direction, keep my eyes peeled for the synchronicities and feel my belly quiver as I sense the timing is right. All of my senses are alive and eager to catch the next clue...

And have I mentioned the yummy seed catalogs making their way to my mailbox? OY!


kelly rae said...

check out my blog!

Susan Tuttle said...

Such beautiful books--I really like that funky batik fabric--great colors and pattern.

You should definitely go to Frontier--it is well worth the trip!