Friday, January 4, 2008

Creative Every Day Challenge-Post 1 and MY HANDS DOWN BEST CREATIION EVER!

*Oh dear*... I did sign up for this, didn't I?! Just kidding. I am excited to be pushed into remembering to do SOMETHING for my creativity each day. So far it's gone like this:

  • Jan 1...I did a long post on this here blog. It took a long time and a lot of thought. I love the act of writing and do it almost daily. You'll see it quite a lot here as my CED08 entry.

  • Jan 2...I designed my new business cards for the other business I opened in December. If this intrigues you then read the next post I do.

  • Jan 3..Two things. I did a doodle on an envelope. I happened about a website that had a photo of an ancient coin with an owl on it. I was mesmerized and instantly pulled out an envelope, because it was the most handy, and sketched it out in marker. And secondly, I made a delightfully colorful New England dinner. Salmon pie (think mashed potatoes and pink salmon mashed together in an amazing flaky pie crust), served with pickled beets (bright red goodness), homemade cranberry sauce (sweet, tangy & deep red) & a pile of green beans served with a hoppsy-good beer. Eee gads. Perfection.

December creative every day thingy's were many. I did a bunch of sewing projects, made multiple Fimo clay beaded projects, painted several things (small paintings, big paintings), wrote prayers (a great and growing love of mine), baked yummy sweet treats for Christmas, made jewelry. Gads, I did okay. Leah really has me hooked on this creative every day thing. Sorry there aren't any pix, I stink at dragging the camera out.

And now...MY HANDS DOWN BEST CREATION EVER....this was NOT part of the CED challenge:

Meet Danny. When he was looking over my shoulder a bit ago and saw a post with a picture of his sister his green eyes said "Now put a picture of me." Glad to oblige. Six feet of sweetness. He shaved his head two weeks ago and I miss this big mop of hair. Regardless, he is an amazing piece of art.


pink sky said...

aaawww...i can see so much of you in him. what a masterpiece!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, so sweet!
Sandra Evertson

heidi said...

hey tammy - thanks for your sweet comments! i love when people share the peeps in their life, love seeing pix of your wonderful kids! i forgot ours were the same age! my son shaved his mop last fall, and it grew in all wavy and wirey.
xo, h
ps - i'm trying to work in the retreat!

Wyanne said...

Yes...what a great creation! You've been really busy with everything. I look forward to keeping up with your progress for the Creative Every Day Challenge. I wish I could have done it this time too. :( Maybe I'll get to next month. You asked about my necklaces...they are in the Etsy store. Take care! Love, Wyanne

Susan Tuttle said...

Salmon pie--yummy!!!--I love beets--sounds so good!

You have been such a creatively busy girl!--that is so awesome!

Your son looks just like you Tammi!