Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Catching Up & Giving Thanks

I feel I' ve been away for along time. I'd gotten used to writing every day and now it's been five, wow. I did a quick post a few moments ago but wanted to do a bit more. I want to share the love today!

Melba was the lovely lady who suggested I start a blog. I found hers accidentally about a month ago and now here I am. Thank you for opening the door, Melba, because since this venture began I have met some truly terrific people. I am most grateful for the lessons in jewelry making, antiquing, swapping, e-mailing, mixed media collage, friendship, spirituality and SO MUCH MORE. I've interacted withome great Maine girls and feel on the verge of some really tight friendships.

...And in case anyone is intersted this is what I've been up to for five days.
  • I went to Rockland over night with Miss Muffet and my sister in law Cindy. We laughed our fool heads off, shopped till we dropped & drank lots of coffee. Great bonding.
  • Spent Saturday morning painting. Did my pre-creation ritual, lit a candle, said a prayer and sat down with my acrylics...was really pleased with my "Explosion of Pink" painting of roses.
  • Saturday night I hung out at LakeShore with my crew.
  • Breakfast buffet at the cafe was crazy busy and I was silly enough to be wearing my favorite pink sweater so I looked great but was sweating from every pore of my body. Not a pretty thing.
  • Monday the waitress called out sick and I ended up working the floor. Cook baked a gingerbread with streusel topping and after sampling some I sold all except two pieces of it. I was so proud of myself, he he. Beyond that I had some really neat synchronicities occur and I could feel the presence of Spirit around me, guiding me. It was good.
  • Monday night I almost finished prepping for my Wednesday meeting witht the art school people. I just have a little more to do.

*sigh* So that's it. That's what I've been doing. I've been thinking of my bloggy friends, your art, your deep thoughts and feelings and what an amazing community I've found. I am honored to be part of this. Merci.


Leah said...

woo! sounds like you've been full to the brim! that fair sounds like a blast! i've been itching to go to something similar.

Tricia Scott said...

what a fun last few days you have had! very productive too. :) i wanted to thank you for the tip on the pen--i will track one down. i appreciate your kindness---you have such a caring good soul---that is just something that comes through in your posts and comments-i feel so glad to have "met" you.

Tori said...

Oh I am so glad that you started a blog too! You had perfect weather for your weekend adventures.
I look forward to read all that you write!

Melba said...

What a Perfect way to end my funky day. I should be getting to bed soon, but I am so glad I came here for a visit. and I am so glad that I met you and you are connecting with other bloggers. It has saved me. Seriously.
I wish you a lovely trip to your new art school!