Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Open Letter to Sweetpea

Dear Jes,
I made it to the co-op marketplace before you. I took all the good stuff. The proof is in the pudding!! I took the BEST textiles they had. I got six mustard and white checked fabric napkins all hand embroidered with daisies. I will lay them out the next time I have friends over for coffee. There is a table cover that matches. Woo hoo! Then I found two yards of white and red cotton duck from the forties. I'm going to make myself a full length art apron to wear while painting. Fab, huh Jes? Okay, then there are these great doily like things (I think they are antimacassars) I grabbed three of them for a dollar at the flea market in Union on my way home. And oh, I got a neat old book called Parables of Life that I may read and then use in my work.
Hey, I almost forgot to tell you about the little toy army soldiers for $1 each and the 6" round domed wall hanging of Jesus praying. Great finds, just great.
SO~ don't be upset. I left some stuff at the marketplace like the awesome yellow art deco bedroom set that they had to peel me off from. The nightstand was made to look like a flower, I nearly cried with joy. I also didn't pick up some terrific turquoise jewelry, some block letters for printing and a great no parking sign which I thought would look great hanging in the bathroom next to the toilet. Go get these items if you'd like, I 'll be glad one of us got them.
Thanks for letting me in on your little secret, the marketplace, I mean. Maybe next time we go together?????
** The above post is done in fun. Jes was kind enough to introduce me to a fab antique place here in Maine that I didn't know of...the Rockland Antiques Marketplace. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves a good hunt. Wear sneakers and a sweater the place is big and cold.

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Jes said...

oh...you may THINK you know where all of the good stuff is...but I haven't even BEGUN to show you all of my secret spots yet! Now be a good girl...and just MAYBE I'll show you more!

(evil laugh in there somewhere!)