Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting to Know You...Create a Connection

These kinds of things are great fun so I thought I'd play again.

1. question #255 - If you had to change your first name, what would you choose as your new name? This has long been a quandry for me and how interesting that when I read Tammy Mimms answers she feels the same way about her name. It's not a great name but nothing else fits. I was named for the song "Tammy's In Love", I think Debbie Reynolds sang it. I always say I dare you to find someone born in the mid sixties who wasn't blonde, blue-eyed and named Tammy. Ugh. I really prefer people to call me Tam. When I started telling people that was my preference they actually made fun of me, go figure. So I stopped requesting it for awhile. Now that I've grown into myself I am back at being just Tam and find it remarkably odd when someone very close to me uses Tammy. Its like being pricked with needles.

I always liked Liz. Poppy sounds perky and fun, nice idea Tori. Boy names are good: Jack, Nick, Ron. If I ever figure this one out I'll let you know.

I know someone who named her daughter Sunsearay because that was where the child was concieved, under the SUN, at the SEA, with the RAYs beating on them.

2. question #158 - What is your favorite saying, quote, or expression? I tend to say "Onward & Upward" quite a lot when I am done battling with something. I have quotes & expressions all over the place and would hate to pick just one. A close friend of mine says "Proceed With Vigor" and I like that, but again I collect sayings and don't want to limit this answer. I will say that of late I really find Rumi's words the most thougth provoking.

3. question #49 - If you could buy any rare collection in the world, which would you choose? Why? I would either choose Egyptian artifacts or works by DaVinci.

4. question #1 - If you could fly in a hot-air balloon over any city in the world, what city would you choose? Why that city? Have you visited there before?
First let's just say I will not be flying anywhere in a balloon. BUT, this is hypothetical so I think I'd say I'd go to the Mediterranian area. Not sure why, I've never been there but the idea of seeing their coastal area intrigues me. Okay, not a city, but an area, right?

5. question #221 - What is an item you own that has a minimal monetary value but has such sentimental value that you would not sell it for $5,000? Typical mother, If I lost my kids handmade clay vessels from elementary school I would break down. They are hideously ugly and i love them so much. I have four of them, lopsided, thick in all the wrong areas, too thin in other areas, grotesque colors all melded together for beautiful pieces that I have carefully placed within daily eyeshot. And oh, a beatiful aphghan my great grandmother crocheted before I was even born.


daisies said...

i really enjoyed reading your answers Tam :)

i always wished i had a boys name, its weird but Jack always really appealed to me and Bob ... ohhhh, and Poppy sounds really fun.

and yet, when i pick an online name for myself, i go for daisies ~ i am such a girl at heart ;-)

Tori said...

Great answers...I always have fun with random questions like this.

wish studio said...

great to connect with you...i love meeting new creative souls! mindy

Tammy said...

I like Tam, but I've never gone with a shortened version of Tammy. I think I wouldn't answer if anyone called me anything else! (and with all those Ms in my name... quite unique!)

I enjoyed reading your answers!! :)