Thursday, March 29, 2007

Action has magic, grace & power

~Whatever you think you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace & power in it.


Another Goethe. This one sits in front of me on my desk reminding me daily to take action. This goes along with the Boldness piece. To take action we must be bold. I'll just keep reminding myself of these things as the Universe shows me the steps.

For those of you who want daily notes from the Universe to remind you that your thoughts are leading you to your own reality do this: This is hands down the most enjoyable part of my day. Sign up for the dialy NOTES FROM THE UNIVERSE done specifically for your dreams and watch what you get. I end up reduced to tears, peeing my pants with laughter and always, ALWAYS happier for the realization that I'm not alone. Spirit is with me.

Okay, yesterday I spent six glorious hours cranking out some creativity. I did some altered CD's that I want to post but my tempermental scanner won't let me. I'll try it on another day but there is something I must share. I spent about three hours working on an I WANT journal. Inside the cover of a lovely little 12 page album I wrote I, my name, WANT...and then I cut out magazine pictures of emotional, spiritual, physical things that I want to attain in my life. It was a blast! I felt such joy knowing I would have all of these things and MORE! This all goes along with The Secret and its talk of seeing and feeling all that you want in the future.

I plan to sit with my album daily to look through it and feel each of the items as though I already have them. I tell you I was tickled pink working on this.

Can't you see me driving my pink wood paneled PT Cruiser to the justbe...Connected event in Cape Cod. WOO HOOOO, I am SO there!


melba said...

Wow! First I love your creations! You have such a sense of fun in your style!
I don't know if I mentioned this but there is a night to sell your stuff at (at justBe...Connected)the Creative Bazaar and I hope you sign up to sell.

We both wrote about manifesting what we want! Great minds think alike!!!

daisies said...

i love my messages from the universe, have been getting them for months now ~ so uplifting :)