Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Being Bold

Be bold & mighty forces will come to your aid.

This is what I'm trying to do. Being bold doesn't come easily for me. I'm told by people who barely know me that I'm independent and strong. I hold myself well. Little do they know that inside I'm often a trembling jellyfish. I am bold in my art, I am bold in my appearance, I am probably even bold in my opinion. Balancing boldness with a gentle spirit is difficult. Being bold and feeling bold are two different things I want to feel the strength I need to carry out my dreams. If I am loved and suported by the Universe, and I am, then I must learn to allow my faith to carry me further.

*wish me luck*


Jen said...

makes me think of "fake it, till you make it"...I mean, continue to be bold...take bold steps even while there is uncertainty inside and then "we" can prove to ourselves that we can be both sensitive and strong...we can truly have faith in ourselves that our dreams are possible. With each step towards the dream we take the credit...I did it.

I am struggling with this myself...it is so much easier to think of following a dream that I have followed before...even if it doesn't feel right....I was a pediatrician...I know what's involved...but yet, I pause...hesitate to think of jumping back in someday for fear of not feeling fullfilled...of not using my unique abilities to the best.....

but how to boldly take a different path....am hoping that the right steps will become apparant in time and though I will be afraid (of "failure"..of it not working out, of time or money lost )...I will feel I have no other choice but to move forward.

I know that I don't really know you...but your actions and your words are bold...your honesty with feeling is bold in of itself...with time I just know you will feel it more and more..

--thanks for giving me something to think about...today I had been doubting my abilities to carry out my dream (even before I'm sure about the dream!)..knew that you were following a dream and so glad I visited your blog....love the Goethe quote.

good luck to you...good fortune to you and continued strength to carry out your dreams!--Jen

Tammigirl said...

Thank you for the support, Jen, You brought tears to my eyes.

Following my dream requires strength and boldness, two qualities I want more of and you're right, many people struggle with this issue. Here's to us...women wanting more. I ask that our fear be removed and transmuted to stregth. Strength to be bold and go forward.