Monday, March 26, 2007

Tale of a Traveler

I decided I deserved a morning off and took myself down to Kennebunk on Saturday to see if I could find Heartwood. Since there was time to kill I took the long way, the REALLY long way. First, I stopped in Freeport at the cool bead store and got some little goodies and then mushed on through a bunch of lovely cities and towns before stopping in my future art school's driveway. Two hours one way, phew (okay, really almost three hours because I dawdled a lot)! There she is, a one story building: Heartwood College of Art. It's an intimate little school, small classes, a 50/50 population of high school graduates to adult learners. Guess which category I fit in, and HEY, be nice. So now, I've seen it, talked with the staff, next is the monetary exchange and once that's final there is no looking back. REPEAT AFTER ME, one word: panic!

On another note I found some terrific antiques markets in the nearby town of Arundel so I will be doing some treasure hunting on my time off between classes this fall. There was a fairly good sized outdoor flea market, too. I located a nice EconoLodge so I can stay overnight once a week. That ought to be tons of fun, huh? Goodness gracious, the things we do for the love of art.

Beyond that I sat at my makeshift studio table (some people would call it their dining room table, but I need to say studio in my head to make me happy) and worked on some more altered CD's. The whole DANCE theme is going on and I'm going to work it until it's out of me. I will post the results when they're complete.

Bella visited yesterday. What a love. We got caught up on the boys, the men, the mutual friends, and the current energy of Spirit. There is so much swirling around us now and there's important work to do. Pray for strength and wisdom.


melba said...

I am going to email you now, but I know it is also nice to get comments.
That is a smile. It took me like 3 years to figure out what that symbol was everyone made in emails and on the web!


Tammigirl said...

Gee, thanks! Try this one...

;} (wink, wink!)

daisies said...

:) beautiful daisies ...