Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I've Finally Stopped Laughing At This...

Okay, so I worked A LOT last week. Too much I suppose. I didn't realize how tired I was...

Got home from work at 10-ish, wash dishes, filter through the mail and sort through the various pieces of life items strewn about the house by nineteen year old. I layer on the jammies, wash the day off my face, scrub my pearly whites and hit the hay around 11:30.

All's well except that the nineteen year old isn't home and for some reason it has me uptight. The mother in me tosses and turns and waits to hear from him.

At two thirty he apparently turns into a pumpkin because that is when he knocked on the door to let me know of his arrival. Thirty minutes of lights on, lights off, pots and pans clanging in preparation of his midnight meal, flushing of toilet, making of his bed, and me with eyes rolling open and closed in frustration as I drift in and out of a fog of exhaustion. I assume I fell asleep around three, who knows.

BEEP....BEEP...beep....BEEP...the alarm goes off at 6:03. I roll out of bed and take the two steps I need in order to reach my right arm and hand to the snooze button of my alarm clock. CLICK!

I don't know exactly how but apparently I feel asleep right then and there standing up because what I remember is my forehead slamming against the bedroom wall and momentarily sliding down it while bent over my bedside stand. WHUMP....SLITHER....and I'm now awake and laughing.

I went back to bed with a dull ache in my forehead and a belly full of laughter bubbling up. I slept for forty five more minutes and went about my day.

Later, when retelling the story to a close friend and again to my daughter I cannot even get the words out without tears streaming down my face at how very ridiculous the whole site must have been. I'm one of those laugh so hard that I cry people. It's not a pretty thing mind you, but it happens.

I know that this story doesn't translate well in written form, you probably had to be there, but I still think it was hilarious how tired I could actually be in order to fall asleep standing up. And yes, nineteen year old slept through the whole thing.


Leah said...

oh, you poor thing! yep, that's definitely too much work if you're fallin asleep standing up! i totally would have been laughing at myself too. what else can you do? :-)

daisies said...

this so made me giggle!! i can so picture myself doing that, lol ...

Tori said...

Laughing with tears is such a great feeling!
Tammy-I am getting caught up at work, but I will be emailing you back soon...sorry its taking me so long.
Get some rest!!!!!

Jes said...

hehehehe...just too dang cute you are!!

BTW...a big fat HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!!!!!


Melba said...

You are working so hard!

I was thinking about you yesterday and what it will be like to go back to school.
You are very brave and inspiring. I tell poeple all the time you can be anything you want to be. I wish more people (in my life and in the world) believed this. Actually I wish everyone believed this because it is true!


katherine said...

Hey Tammy,

Please send me an email with your address, so I can send your box to you.

You can find my e-mail in the comments of the original CAC swap post for this month. Or in the profile section on my blog.

I hope your week is great!

KARA said...

That is so funny, your lucky though you shouldn't have gone back to sleep you could have had concusion(spelt wrong). Bet you have a lump on your head. LOL

Jana B said...

OMW!!!!!!!!! That IS hilarious!!!! I can SO picture the scene!!!!!