Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Learn to pause or nothing good can catch up to you.

Phew. Today I am ready to pause. It's my third day on the floor of the dining room waiting tables. I'm now behind on paperwork, housework and artwork. I glanced around my desk space and this saying on a handwritten sticky note that hangs over my desk caught my eye and made me remember...breathe. Slow down. Pause.

Catch you when I can, I have to find out today's lunch specials.


Jen said...

this was my last visit today...
am taking my pause...kind of ...hmm
sort of....

great message. I too have so much to get to...need a longer pause...or maybe meditating or doing nothing might have been a more energy giving pause!

Enjoy your pause!

Tori said...

I am glad that you took part of your pause time to post here.
You are a rockstar for working so hard!
Put your feet up as soon as you can.

Jes said...

Yes...and too busy to!