Friday, May 18, 2007

TAG...I'm it.

I have never been tagged before and this is so wicked cool. Apparently upon being tagged I must answer to the original issue and then tag another. I've never played blog tag, so here I go.

4 jobs I have held: seamstress/dressmaker(self-employed 10 years), shoe department clerk at the local Ames department store, loan department clerk People's Heritage Bank, secretary to the superintendent of schools, Jay School Department, Jay Maine
4 movies I can watch over and over: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (with Jim Carrey), The Wedding Singer (with Adam Sandler), Robin Hood (with Kevin Costner), National Lampoon's Family Vacation (with Chevy Chase)..terrible, I know. I lean toward comedy or complete historical truths. My preference is the comedy.
4 places I have lived: Turkey Lane, Livemore (current), God's Country USA otherwise located in Jay, Maine. A beautiful 300 acre 100 year old farm that I/we had a chunk of where I/we built a gorgeous three bedroom cape house. Picture rolling hills with round hay bales peppering the view. Long Pond camp in Livermore, Maine, and then again, back to Jay, Maine. My final answer is two stays in Jay, Maine and two stays in Livermore, Maine. Maine it is.
4 Catagories of TV programming I enjoy: I don't really like much TV but when I do watch it's generally Sienfeld reruns, American Idol, SportsCenter and some PBS.
4 Places I have been on Holiday: Old Quebec City in Canada, North Conway NH, Camden/Rockport, Maine, and Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I've only recently developed a desire for travel.
4 of my Favorite Dishes: Pizza. Steak. Anything Breakfast. Coffee. (If coffee doesn't qualify as a dish then I'll just stick with three.)
4 websites I visit daily: I'm a simple girl. I read my bloglist daily, A LOT, postsecret weekly, daily
4 places I would rather be right now: at the bank making a deposit of half a million dollars into my personal savings account, sucking on a cup of coffee with my gal pals while discussing the roles of spirituality in our lives, creating something with my hands (dinner, art, sewing), or any place quiet where I can have a low key discussion with someone I care about (my kids, a friend, a parent, a store clerk).

Hey, how'd I do? There I am in all my glory. Sometimes these things are hard! I really had to reach on the movie thing and the where I want to be thing. And oh, the website thing. See, I'm really not especially wanting anything more than where I'm at. Sometimes that is good, sometimes it isn't.

Thank you Tori, that was fun. And now I pass the baton to: Jen


Melba said...

You did awesome! I loved reading your answers! I agree completely with where you would rather be...I want to be there too!


Jen said...

love Seinfeld...
the picture of your farm is bucolic
thanks for the's my first tag, too. will give it a try: )

Tori said...

Thank you for doing this.
I am so glad to have learned all these very interesting things about you.
Hope all is well!

KARA said...

Great tag thanks for the insight.