Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ruminate Hafiz

This is what I woke up to, well, not exactly. I awoke to RUMINATIONS. The word just ran through my mind again and again. Of course my subconscious knows I go right to my writing when I awaken on my day off and I took this as a message. But there was one problem, I didn't honestly know the meaning of it, so out came Mr. Webster and there it was:

ru~min~ate: to chew one's cud, to think on, meditate

AH HAH! There it is. To think on and meditate, that was the message. See, I have been listening intently to a series of Abraham-Hicks CD's on a variety of topics. These messages resonate so deeply in me that my crown and my chest literally vibrate faster as I listen. The top of my head tingles to the point that I eventually have to scratch the area. The significance of the communications that Abraham offers in my life is immeasurable. As I integrate the lessons I feel my spirit self growing and it pleases me to no end, even if no one elses notices. My thinking is changing. My attitude is changing. Ultimately, my life is changing, and there is more...

Part two to this puzzle of the word ruminate is this. (By the way, ruminations is NOT a word, apparently I made it up!) Last night before sleeping I was reading The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and in this chapter about sometimes "falling off the spiritual wagon" she was berating herself for not being a perfect Being, she was listening to some music and a reading of a poem by Hafiz, the fourteenth century philospher. This poem hit my heart like no other. It sent me flying in a new direction. Read it and weep (or not), but please read it.

You have
not danced so badly, my dear,
trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One.

You have waltzed with great style my sweet, crushed angel
to have even neared God’s heart at all.

Our Partner is notoriously hard to follow and
even his best musicians are not always easy to hear.

So what, if the music has stopped for awhile.
So what, if the price of admission to the Divine is
out of reach tonight.

So what my sweetheart, if you lack the ante to
gamble for real love.

The mind and the body are famous for holding the heart ransom,
but Hafiz knows the Beloved’s eternal habits.
Have patience,
for He will not be able to resist your longings
and charms for long.

You have not danced so badly, my dear,
trying to kiss the Magnificent


You have actually waltzed with tremendous style,
my sweet, O my sweet,

The picture I did is in marker, colored pencil and chalk. I did it after yet another reading of this beautiful poem that allows me to falter. I feel release. I can forget to center myself, fall asleep before my prayers are complete, I can mistakenly curse when I know I shouldn't, He is smiling at me, watching my little girl dance steps and He says "It's okay kid, you're doing alright."

I believe for me the message of the day is to really think on, truly meditate on these lessons I am recieving. Go deep inside myself (which is something I am not good at)

I feel sooooo much better.

TAM'S HOMEWORK: find more Hafiz and check out Rumi


Jen said...

this looks interesting.
Ruminations ....sounds like it should be a new word : )

Susan Tuttle said...

This drawing is beautiful and so full of joy! Your spiritual journey is so exciting!


Jes said...

I'm glad you have been chewing your cud....and finding yourself!


Leah said...

fun, fun, fun!

yes, rumi, go check out his poetry straight away. you'll love it!

katherine said...

Love the drawing and the words that go along with it! I'm looking foward to putting together a box for you. Yep, I'm your box swap partner!

All best,

rubyslippers said...

my favorite hafiz poem ever!! great post

Karen Beth said...

This drawing is just amazing! I love love LOVE your art!