Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wednesday Play Day Art

There's some fun stuff I did while hanging out at my kitchen table yesterday. And oh, these are little. Real little. The tree of love is 4 x 6, the daisy is 3 x 3, the highest joy is 6 x 6 approx.


Leah said...

great work, tammy! working small is great for play. i love to use the back of old postcards to make collages on.

daisies said...

wowsa hon, these are very very cool. of course you realize that daisy is my favourite ;-)

beautiful work my dear :)

Tori said...

I LOVE them. I am particularly fond of the tree one. What is written around it?

Karen Beth said...

These are so great! Especially the "Tree of Love". Great one. Do you have an Etsy store?

You have such a lovely blog here!

Jes said...

OHHHHHHHHH.....We might have to a trade one day REAL soon! I could so see a piece of your art framed in my new sunroom!! (it's my girly room!! You'll see hopefully soon!!!)